And when the headlights come blaring Towards me

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Title Fight

This Is Hardcore 2014

Philadelphia, PA


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You Blew It!’s Van Broken Into; Guitars, Pedals, Personal Items Stolen


You Blew It! just finished their tour with Say Anything, but unfortunately just had their van broken into in San Antonio, TX. Guitars, pedals, and personal items were stolen from the band. Buy merch from the band here and read what was stolen below after the jump.

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"It’s not good to live so much inside oneself. It’s a self-imposed exile, really. It makes you different."

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Your life, as you know it…is gone. Never to return”

Lost in Translation (2003)
Sofia Coppola

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Merchant Ships - Emo Songs

we’re strangers.
we’re playing twenty questions,
we’re fucking, falling in love,
we’re fucking falling apart
soon we’re just strangers with history

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